finnickloover asked:
boo I miss you being on here

aw, I miss you too. It’s so sucky! I’ve got three weeks left of exams and then hopefully I’ll have time to come back on. xxx

Hey guys :) just checking in.

Is everyone excited about rose ave.? I pre-ordered the vinyl so I am super excited :D 

I will hopefully be back soon, still stressing over exams. I miss you all. How is everyone?

Hey guys, I feel like I have to write a bit of an explanation so here goes.

I’m currently in my final year of school, and my exams are in about 2 months. I am extremely overwhelmed by everything, and so I’ve been avoiding coming on tumblr for the most part. You probably didn’t notice, because I’ve had the queue. 

The point is, I’m feeling really disconnected from the blog, and because of my life being really difficult and stressful at the moment, I’ve decided I’m going to stop the queue for a while and go on hiatus. 

I don’t know when I’m going to come back, or if I will, but if I don’t ever come back I’ll finish the queue before leaving. 

So basically, there won’t be any posts, I won’t be answering messages (I don’t really get them anyway), and I won’t be here in general. And if you follow me on my person blog (qenii), I probably won’t be there much either apart from complaining about the hsc haha. 

So this is goodbye for now! xx

oh and ps. if you need to see more P!nk on your dash, check out all the P!nk blogs on my recommendation page :)


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Singer Pink and guest watch the show from the audience at the third annual MTV Australia Video Music Awards 2007 at Acer Arena on April 29, 2007 in Sydney, Australia.

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… You got all the problems I think that I can solve / Why don’t you come in here, baby? Why don’t we sit and talk?…