11. A song that describes you right now

18 Wheeler (Live at Wembley)

(The live version because it’s not the same without the swear words.)
I’m about to start my final courses for my last year of school, and I need motivation to keep going. I’m so nervous, but so ready to finish this shit. Basically saying a big fuck you to school and the people that think they can knock me down. :-)

10. A song that was never played live

→  My Signature Move

I can relate to this song so much! Which isn’t a good thing really. But if someone makes me angry or annoyed, I will hold a grudge like no other… I’m not afraid to stand up for myself and if you do something wrong by me, don’t expect me to forgive you straight away. But the line ‘I’m just a sensitive baby and you need to please me right’ pretty much sums it up.

9. A song with the same title as it’s album

The Truth About Love

Closely followed by I’m Not Dead, I thought it was appropriate to do this song because this album was a few firsts for me: the first album release I shared with everyone on this blog, and the first P!nk concert I went to. And I actually love this song so much, so yep. :-) 


P!nk | Leaving For The Last Time (Unreleased Track from CTMH)

Almost 15 years later, we finally have the full version of this great ballad! Sounds very… Mariah? But yeah, I’m so happy now!

"I wish that somebody would’ve told me that school and highschool and all the drama and all the clubs and all the cliques it’s not where life ends… Most of the time the outcast and the artists and the weird kids, they end up doing something really important."

8. A Song that makes you fall asleep

Time After Time (Live Cover)

She sings this so, so beautifully, I dare say even better than Cyndi (and I looooove Cyndi!). I could listen to this on repeat going to sleep, and it’s just amazing. I love this songggggggg